Sports and Dialogue (S&D)

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The Sports & Dialogue Program USA (S&D) is a youth inter-cultural leadership conference. Participants engage in seminars on conflict resolution, leadership skills, volunteerism and cultural tolerance. The athletic competition component of the program encourages the participants to find common ground and forge friendships that last a lifetime.

Sports and Dialogue International (S&D International) is a 10 to 14-day program that has American students traveling abroad to engage in seminars, cultural events and sports hosted by universities and athletic clubs. The focus of this version of S&D is countering violent extremism and radicalization through cross-cultural dialogue. The aim of the conference is to teach the participants that there are alternatives to extremism while at the same time removing the fear of other cultures. Reaching out to the participants at such a critical age in which their world view is formed, is key to showing them the true destructive power of religious and cultural hatred.

The S&D program has great versatility and can be tailored to fit students of public or religious schools and youth focused institutions. It is also possible to create all female or all male versions of the S&D program.

CECF is confident that the Sports and Dialogue Program (S&D) can bring amazing results because of its content, flexibility and methods of engagement. While empowering youth to be free thinking and tolerant, S&D gives them the knowledge to see was is right, which enables them to sow the seeds of peace and demonstrate the courage to turn away from violence.