English for Translation Purposes Program (ETPP)

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Understanding Cultural Nuances for Translation
This is another program that CECF conducts in partnership with the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC).

The English for Translation Purposes Program (ETPP) introduces scholars, Imams, clergy and teachers to American Muslim Communities and community leaders, in order to benefit from the exchange of ideas with other societies.

Providing opportunities for dialogue allows for the development of mutual understanding, which is critical in the world we live in today and also in the professional lives of our delegates. Fostering such understanding and appreciation of one another’s culture, history, religion and way of life allows for the delegates to understand cultural nuances for translation purposes.

Understanding such nuances can also allow the delegates to find deeper meaning in text beyond the surface. Often times words are defined not just technically, but also contextually. Understanding these cultural nuances is critical to producing accurate translations, avoiding/addressing misunderstandings and consequently avoiding conflict, while building strong intercultural partnerships.