2018 International Observer Program (IOP)​ ​-​ ​Kyrgyzstan

October 14-30, 2018 in Baltimore, MD, New York, NY and Washington, DC

2018 International Observer Program (IOP)​ -​ ​Kyrgyzstan

Muslims in America: Community, Interfaith, Inclusiveness and Radicalization Prevention was developed by CECF to introduce Imams and female scholars in Kyrgyzstan to various experiences and issues that are crystallizing in American Muslim Communities. As societies around the world become increasingly religiously and culturally diverse, dialogue and cooperation to achieve common goals in a mutually respectful manner has become a global necessity. With the rise of radicalization among the youth of Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia due to what ISIS and other terrorist organizations present to be the true message of Islam, authentic moderate religious education is becoming more critical than ever before. The teachings of inclusiveness should be emphasized in the 21st Century, in order to inspire people to engage in collaborative efforts that positively impact every aspect of society.

Muslims in the United States offer countless examples of both individual and collective success in the areas of interfaith, democracy, community service, and political participation. It is only when everyone feels their voices are being heard and their contributions are welcome, that you will have the necessary elements for a secure foundation and a future full of hope.

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