2017 English for Translation Purposes Program (ETPP) – Egypt focused on “Understanding Cultural Nuances for Translation”

The 2017 IOP: English for Translation Purposes Program uniquely combined a group of 4 women and 8 men from the Muslim community in Egypt. These delegates serve as religious and community leaders, junior faculty members, Imams, and professionals in Egypt working at various institutions in Egypt such as Al-Azhar University and AmidEast. This trip was marked with numerous enriching and engaging moments. For many participants this was a journey of self-exploration, challenging their preconceived notions and moving them towards being not just Egyptians, but citizens of a global society and leaders in the world. The 19 day experience marked for many the first exposure to Western culture and interaction with people of many different faith and cultural traditions. It challenged their preconceptions of what it is to be a Muslim in a multicultural and multi-religious society such as the U.S. where Muslims are the minority. There were three returning delegates, Ahmed Hamza, Ahmed Hamido, and Ahmed Bahaa who built upon their previous experience here in the US.

Final Report: 2017-IOP-ETPP-Egypt_Final-Report.pdf

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