2017 International Observer Program (IOP): Credible Voices – East Africa for Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Somalia focused on “Diversity as a Source of Strength: Interfaith, Community & Inclusiveness”

The 2017 IOP: Credible Voices – East Africa: DIVERSITY AS A SOURCE OF STRENGTH: INTERFAITH COMMUNITY AND INCLUSIVENESS provided opportunities for delegation members to gain a deeper understanding about religious and cultural pluralism in America. They were able to see first-hand examples of faithful Muslims participating in the democratic process, and making positive contributions to the larger American society without compromising their spiritual practice or religious integrity.

The program enabled delegates to:

  • Explore the history, growth, and importance of interfaith initiatives in the U.S.A.
  • Participate actively in events with religious leaders and communities from diverse backgrounds and faith traditions.
  • Engage in face – to – face dialogue with members of society through meetings, seminars, home visits, interfaith events, conferences, and other activities.
  • Examine religious freedom, and discover how the American doctrine of the Separation of Church and State is intended to preserve religious freedom, and protect every individual’s right to worship as they see fit.
  • Observe American democracy through its social manifestations- especially as seen in freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press to point out, discuss, challenge and even disagree.

Final Report: 2017-IOP-EA-CVEP_Final-Report_0116181.pdf

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