2014 International Observer Program (IOP) – Egypt for Al Azhar University focused on “Muslims in America: Community, Democracy and Political Participation”

This program introduces Egyptian Scholars to American Muslim Communities. Middle Eastern countries undergoing rapid social and political change like Egypt can benefit from the exchange of ideas with democratic societies. Opportunities for dialogue are especially important during this historic period following the Arab Spring.

Muslims in America provided scholars from Al Azhar University the opportunity to witness authentic moderate religious education critical for inspiring scholars to engage in collaborative efforts that can provide positive changes across society. The Program challenged them to find their own voices so they could be prepared to advocate for their communities basic health and educational needs. They also witnessed grassroots social and political involvement and realized the importance of living in a society free to exchange ideas and opinions openly.

The United States offers countless examples of both individual and collective success in the areas of interfaith, democracy, and political participation. It is only when everyone feels their voices are being heard and their contributions are welcome, will you have the necessary elements for a secure foundation and a future full of hope, freedom and cooperation.

Summary Report: 2014-IOP-Summary-Report_111314_IB.pdf

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