An International BUBW Conference will be held in various regions around the world each year. Alumni of previous BUBW Conferences will be invited to take the lead in this university and young professional level (18 – 40 years old) conference. Local regional governments will be invited to contribute by sending their high achieving youth to participate. The first International BUBW Conference is scheduled to take place in Malaysia for the Southeast Asian Region from January 16 – 20, 2013. It will be followed by International BUBW Conferences in other regions such as:

  • Macedonia for the Balkan Region
  • Germany for Europe
  • India for South Asia
  • Egypt for the Middle East
  • Morocco for North Africa
  • Ghana and Nigeria for Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Russia for Central Asia

Upcoming International BUBW Conferences

  • BUBW International - Southeast Asia (in Indonesia) - December 6-10, 2017 - Flier (PDF)