The International Observers Programs (IOP) are two-week exchange programs conducted in conjunction with CECF’s three annual BUBW Conferences and have a mission to build mutual understanding between the people of the US and other nations through visits to the US by religious leaders, scholars, civic activists, educators and other distinguished leaders of their communities. The observers will witness the discussions and interactions among high school exchange students from up to 35 countries throughout the BUBW Conferences and then engage in first-hand exchange experiences of their own through meetings, seminars, home visits, interfaith events, and other activities with members of society and their American counterparts coordinated by CECF. They will learn about the US system of government, visit schools, and experience American culture and social life in Washington, DC and, in at least, two other cities that highlight the diversity of the US and the freedoms enjoyed by all members of this society. They will also build on lessons touched upon during the BUBW Conferences. These IOP activities and visits will increase the observer's comprehension of their youth exchange experiences in the US and they will gain the ability to better understand, counsel and support activities upon their return that might have been stimulated by the students’ exchange experience.

Upcoming Programs

  • No upcoming programs


Previous Programs

  • Muslims in America: Community, Democracy and Political Participation (August 20 - September 11, 2014) - This program was created by CECF to introduce participants from Al Azhar University to various experiences and issues that are crystallizing in American Muslim Communities.
  • Rabat, Morocco, in association with the American Embassy - March and April 2011 - Report [PDF]
  • Cairo, Egypt, in association with the American Embassy - September 2011
  • Amman, Jordan, in association with the American Embassy - April 2012