Muslims in America—both immigrants and those born and raised in the United States—can contribute tremendously to world peace, coexistence and harmony in the 21st century by virtue of their unique personal experiences. Because they often straddle two languages, two cultures, and two identities, Muslim Americans regularly interpret Islam and the Muslim world for their non-Muslim peers, serving as a bridge between two worlds.  Today, especially with the development of multi-generational Muslim communities throughout the United States, young Muslim American professionals—and young professionals generally who believe in enhancing cross-cultural and interfaith understanding—have a special role of good will to play as Ambassadors of Peace to the peoples of the Muslim world.

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  • Malaysia - May 29 – June 6, 2013 - Flier [PDF]
  • Qatar & Saudi Arabia - March 15-23, 2013 - Flier [PDF]
  • Malaysia & Indonesia - November 8-17, 2012 - Flier [PDF]