Distinguishing Islamic Religion from Culture

May 36th - June 4th

2009 Egypt & Jordan Study Tour: Distinguishing Islamic Religion from Culture

The 2009 Egypt and Jordan Study Tour was a study abroad experience sponsored by the Collegeof Notre Dame of Maryland (CND) in collaboration with Civilizations Exchange & Cooperation Foundation (CECF). The Study Tour was developed as a cultural exchange opportunity for American students and professors, to assist them in acquiring a deeper understanding of the differences between Islamic religion and the nuisances of culture and politics that can often affect how this religion is practiced.

Study tour participants were able to explore the rich Islamic traditions and cultural practices of people who have inhabited predominately Muslim lands for centuries. Students were extended the
opportunity through this program to experience the struggle with modernity, globalization, and the causes of extremism that exist in our society today

2009 Study Abroad_Egypt_Jordan_Report